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About Us

Who We Are

An integrated agriculture operation giant, Platinum Plantations Limited is a producer of natural rubber. Exotic horticulture being a labor intensive activity the company has been a major employer of people in Akim Manso District in the Eastern Region of Ghana. It today has a workforce of about 300. Over 65% of the workforce comprises of women. PPL is part of Samir Engineering group of companies, one of the oldest business conglomerates in Ghana with business interests ranging from Oil, Lubricants, Tire, Automobile, Travels and Tours and Consumer Marketing.

Company Profile

In 2014 the Forestry Commission and Platinum Plantation joined hands to establish a Rubber Plantation in the degraded land which is suitable for agriculture. The Project is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) modal. PPL leased 1400ha in the Essin Appam Forest reserve for a period of 50 years to establish Rubber in the degraded land for commercial purpose.
Platinum Plantation Ltd (PPL) is the most successfully integrated agricultural operation in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Today the company cultivates about 780 acres of its land and produces high yielding planting materials for continuous planting. The company has a self-financed out grower project in addition to the plantations. PPL was part of the team for establishing the tree crop authority in 2020.

Our vision

To be a key player in natural Rubber Production in Ghana.

our mission

Develop rubber, the most profitable cash crop in fertile vacant land with high yielding clones and introducing the best cultural practice in farming activities.

Processing Technically Specified Rubber (TSR) from the natural rubber latex for sale in domestic and international markets towards sustainable growth and profitability.

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